21 de February, 2022

RONAL takes part in multi-million project in Porto

Opened in February 2020 in Porto, Torel Palace Hotel occupies the Campos Navarro palace originally built in 1861. Fully restored, this 5-star hotel aims to honour the most iconic Portuguese writers and poets.

Ronal Cool Tech contributed to distinctive and unforgettable atmosphere of the “Blind” Restaurant and Bar (inspired by the book “Blindness” by Nobel José Saramago) with two wine cellars with different designs.

Ronal Cool Tech has developed a ventilated wine cellar especially for displaying red wines, with a capacity over 400 bottles. With more than three meters long and almost 3 meters high, the wine cellar was lacquered in black and features tubular acrylic bottle holders. Developed for on-site assembly, the wine cellar also features an efficient distribution of LED lighting.

Also developed by Ronal Cool Tech, the wine cellar created for white wines, champagne and red wine with nearly 4 meters long is ventilated on the reserve and display area. Its interior and exterior have been lacquered black, with wooden shelves and reserve access trough pull-outs. Featuring indirect LED lighting, the wine cellar has been divided in section for better energy efficiency.


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