18 de October, 2023

Ronal Cool Tech at Host Milano 2023

From October 13th to 17th, Ronal Cool Tech participated for the first time in the international Host fair in Milan, Italy. The biennial fair is a must-visit location for everyone in the HORECA world, featuring the presence of major brands in the industry.

Under the motto “Elevate your expectations with our custom creations,” Ronal Cool Tech’s booth aimed to recreate a space similar to a “café.”

With 140m2 and a strong focus on the customer experience, the booth was divided into several areas for greater comfort: meeting tables, high stools with a counter, a lounge area, and, of course, an open customer service area. The equipment displayed at the booth was accompanied by tags that provided information to visitors about the product range while adding an innovative touch to the decor.

The reception was handled by our team, fluent in multiple languages and possessing extensive knowledge of the brand’s products. With a higher turnout during the weekend, our presence at the fair resulted in the exchange of contacts with customers, suppliers, and other manufacturers from countries like France, the United States, Greece, Italy, Germany, among others.

The equipment presented at the fair included the Liza, Klimt, and Royal display lines, the Spiller counter, Odiot cabinets, and the Muziano refrigerated mural.

In the Klimt range, the presented line aimed to showcase some of the standardized decoration possibilities, with a focus on the color ‘olive green’. The line consisted of a neutral bread display cabinet with low flat glass and “layers” decoration, two single-level support counter with “waves” and “frame” decorations, a heated display cabinet with “edges” decoration, and a ventilated refrigerated display cabinet with low flat glass and “mirror” decoration. Also presented for the first time was the new Klimt semi-cold display cabinet with a 720mm high display and “flat” decoration.

In the service area, there were two Odiot cabinets: a storage model with an opaque door and a bright stainless steel exterior finish, and a wine cabinet with wooden shelves and a double glass door.

In this area, you could also find a generously sized (2m) Spiller counter with an opaque door, two types of drawers (1/2 and 1/3), and a lacquered exterior finish.

To delimit the service area, there was the Liza line, decorated in vintage gold and glossy black tones. It included a ventilated refrigerated display cabinet with adjustable display levels for the customer, low flat glass, and new profiles that allow the glass domes to move silently and be easily cleaned. Additionally, there was a refrigerated chocolate display cabinet with display trays and sliding glass, a single-level support cabinet, and an ice cream display cabinet with pozzettis and front glass.

In the common area, there was also a Muziano refrigerated mural with shelves and an electric blind, which opened automatically via remote control.

Among the HORECA models on display, the Royal range stole the show. Equipped with convex curved glass, it featured a static display cabinet, a ventilated display cabinet, a bread display cabinet with drawer extraction, crumb tray, and a 2-level bag holder. In addition to the convex curved glass, the Royal line had customized decoration inspired by classic and modern models and the use of noble woods.

For a more detailed view of our booth, we recommend taking a digital tour through the following link: https://go.dimensione3.com/ronal-host-milan-2023


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