10 de November, 2021

Pingo Doce keeps its bet on RONAL

RONAL and Pingo Doce have been working together on the renovation of several stores of the supermarket brand. The last renovation to rely on this partnership was the Sassoeiros store, in Cascais.

Respecting Pingo Doce's new visual identity, the renovation featured a variety of finishes combining wood, Corian and lacquered sheet metal. The project presents a demanding implementation with round internal and external angles, well demonstrating the capacity and technical dexterity of RONAL.

The Matisse line, chosen by Pingo Doce, has different exposure heights, being higher for take away and lower for charcuterie, cheese and pastries, showing here all its flexibility.

In the new Pingo Doce de Sassoeiros store, there is an area exclusively dedicated to sushi, a product that is increasingly in demand.

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