22 de June, 2022

Sushi Daily Kiosk by Ronal Cool Tech

Since the 80s, spaces dedicated to sushi have arrived in Portugal, but never before has the Japanese delight been so accessible. The Sushi Daily kiosks are currently available in several commercial spaces of the different shopping brands operating in Portugal, with sushi take-away service. Specialist in fresh artisanal sushi, the brand founded by Kelly Choi has been spread across Europe since 2010. In our country, it is present from North to South with more than 30 kiosks. The partnership between the Sushi Daily brand and Ronal Cool Tech has resulted in the manufacture of several kiosks, consisting of a reserved preparation area, a refrigerated self-service area for sushi and drinks take-away and cross-selling. At the same time, Ronal Cool Tech also produces the entire kiosk structure as well as all the furniture and decorative elements.

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