18 de septembre, 2023

Ronal & Pingo Doce: a partnership with a future

Ronal Cool Tech and Pingo Doce have been working together in the brand’s various stores for several years and, since 2020, on store renovations with the new brand concept, with emphasis on the meal and take-away area.

Despite the first quarter of 2022 still presented uncertainties regarding the pandemic and being marked by the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, Pingo Doce maintained its plan to renovate stores and their restaurant spaces and open new stores. According to news from the Lusa agency published by Diário de Notícias in 2020, one of Pingo Doce’s main bets is catering, with a strong emphasis on ready-to-eat and takeaway meals, whose offer already reaches a considerable volume in the group’s accounts.

The new stores feature equipment from the MATISSE range in the supermarket area, with the butcher and fishmonger completely renovated and the GLAM range in the Comida Fresca restaurant. The store renovations have transformed the spaces into more environmentally friendly places, with refrigeration technology using R290 gas, with materials that guarantee greater thermal insulation and fully LED lighting.

Compared to 2021, in which the renovation of Pingo Doce stores and Comida Fresca dining spaces developed by Ronal Cool Tech was considerably concentrated in the last six months of the year, during the first six months of 2022, the Pingo Doce/Ronal Cool Tech partnership contributed to the renovation of 11 Pingo Doce stores across mainland Portugal and the Azores.
The renovations carried out until June 2022 were more predominant in stores located in the north and in the Lisbon metropolitan area, a situation that had already occurred in 2021. In that year, a total of 16 stores were renovated with the contribution of Ronal Cool Tech.


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