14 de June, 2022

RONAL and Symington Family Estates new partnership

In an enviable location and associated with Symington Family Estates, the new restaurant “Bomfim 1896 with Pedro Lemos” was inaugurated on the 10th of June.   With a clear inspiration in the Douro cuisines of old times, with its large chimneys and wood stoves, the restaurant “Bonfim 1896 with Pedro Lemos” is located in Pinhão and aims to highlight the traditional Douro cuisine accompanied by the renowned wines of the Symington brand.   The upper floor of an old wine warehouse, overlooking the Douro, hosts the restaurant with an open space kitchen allowing the customer to follow the preparation. Between the kitchen and the main room, you can enjoy the extensive wine cellar developed especially by Ronal Cool Tech for this unique space. With a lacquered finish, wooden shelves and vertical lighting, the cellar for white and red wines gives you a perfect view of the wines available.   The open space kitchen, whose bright white stands out, allows the customer to focus only on the colors and flavors of Douro dishes marked by the unmistakable aroma of wood ovens. In this space, in addition to the ovens and wood stoves, Ronal Cool Tech SPILLER countertops stand out with different configurations of drawers and doors, lacquered in white in perfect harmony with the surrounding space.   In the pantry, in addition to refrigerated and freezing countertops, the restaurant also has ODIOT cabinets for the conservation of cheese and special cabinets for bakery of the same range.   Ronal Cool Tech thus joins another quality project with one of the most historical Portuguese brands.

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